Keeping It Fun


It’s not hard to get all wrapped up in making great pictures every time I pick up my camera, always trying to capture that million dollar shot.  This weekend, I decided to lighten up and have fun.  I grabbed a few items from around the house and headed out to the back yard.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that this old tree stump is actually very useful (I just might have to tell my husband that we shouldn’t have it ground out!).

One of my favorite shots is this dinosaur.  He was on my grandson’s birthday cake and, pack rat that I am, I had to clean him up and save him.  The possibilities are endless!  I think this could be an entire photo series.

Playing with my camera in the back yard was rejuvenating in a sense.  It was a great reminder to relax, have  fun and just take pictures.

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