Thankful Challenge – Having A Voice

Today’s Thankful Challenge: having a voice.  We live in an incredibly diverse society and there are so many voices, yet we can all be heard.  Today is Election Day and as I write this, our […]


Thankful Challenge – Life’s Journey

Life is a journey (or if you’re a Rascal Flatts fan, it’s a highway 🙂 ).  All of our trials and tribulations make up the complicated formula of life’s journey, and it differs from person to […]


Thankful Challenge – Fall Color

I love living in a region with four distinct seasons.  I especially love Fall.  This year, the colors are incredible! Wouldn’t it be nice if Fall lasted as long as Winter?!  🙂  


Thankful Challenge – Photography

Last year, a number of my friends posted things they were thankful for on Facebook during the month of November.  It was so enjoyable to read everyone’s posts.  This year, I’m jumping on the Thankful Challenge […]


Keeping It Fun

It’s not hard to get all wrapped up in making great pictures every time I pick up my camera, always trying to capture that million dollar shot.  This weekend, I decided to lighten up and […]


It’s Never Too Late

I love quotes. I came across this quote a few years ago when I was a student at Rogue Community College.  I was balancing a full-time job, family and part-time school.  It was a long […]


Taking the Plunge

This month I launched my portrait photography business.  Scary-fun stuff! I’ve been slowly putting all the pieces together and although I still have much more work to do, I feel like it’s time to just do it. […]