Boost Your Image With A Headshot

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Boost your image with a good headshot

It’s so easy to boost your image with a quality headshot that can be used for business, social media, marketing, business cards…just about anything.

Last month, my friend asked me to take some headshots.  Her company is using a conferencing program and she wants to present a professional image and yet show her personality.

Since then, I’ve paid closer attention to profile photos in my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.  There are a lot of people using these mediums that have not upgraded their profile photo with a good headshot.  It makes me wonder what opportunities are being missed.

A quality headshot will enhance first impressions, solidify your image and brand, show your personality and allow you to be seen in the best light.  It implies a high standard.  All good things, right?  Yet so few make the investment.

Getting a headshot is not a complicated process, nor are they all that expensive.  It will take approximately an hour of your time.  When it comes to cost, think of how the investment will benefit you.  The positives will outweigh the negatives.

Once you’ve decided to go for it, you can prepare for your headshot by starting with getting good rest during the days leading up to your photo shoot.  Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.  Eat healthy and light on the day of your shoot so you won’t feel heavy and bloated.  Simply feeling good will show through in your photos.

Choose clothing that falls nicely on your shoulders and flatters the neckline.  Solid colors or small-scale prints work best; YOU want to be the focus of the photo, not your attire.  Check with your photographer to see what backdrops will be used to help you choose a complementary color(s).

Are you convinced?  I’m offering great pricing for headshots – starting at just $25!  Check out my Pricing.  And then Contact Me to set up a time.  Your headshot can be an indoor or outdoor setting.  Give some thought to the image you want to present and we’ll go from there.

Have you upgraded your headshot?  What benefits did you see?  Let me know in the comments.

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